DRY Soda is inspired by the people and businesses that are re-imagining what our food systems can be. Communities of chefs, business owners, farmers and neighbors are considering the possibilities for change in our food systems and transforming their ideas into action.

DRY wants to share these innovators’ stories and inspire others to imagine the possibilities for change in their communities. Stories about school children tending the gardens that provide vegetables for their cafeterias, chefs developing menus to incorporate seasonal ingredients, crop mobs volunteering on local farms, groups of friends organizing canning clubs and institutions asking national foodservice vendors to source products from their local markets - you can learn about these local food movement pioneers by following DRY Soda on Twitter and DRY Recommends.

And DRY wants to hear from you - what’s going on in your local food community? Are you trying to buy more from local producers? Do you volunteer at a farmers market? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or send us a note at . We would love to hear your stories.