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DRY Soda is a less sweet, all natural soda made with just four ingredients, including a little bit of pure cane sugar. Each of DRY's eleven unique flavors is perfect to sip on its own, pair with a meal or mix into cocktails.


Find DRY at these upcoming events:

Arcade Lights - Seattle, WA

Power of Love - Las Vegas, NV

Taste of the Nation - Portland, OR

Read the latest articles about DRY Soda:

Culinary Culture
October 30, 2013
303 Magazine

303 Magazine reviews DRY Soda's new flavors and recommends innovative cocktail recipes featuring Pear and Cherry DRY Soda.


Nature's Nectar
September 2013
Jezebel Magazine

Jezebel Magazine features Top Chef Richard Blais, DRY Soda's Creative Director, and his work in flavor development for Apple and Ginger DRY Soda.


Mixing It Up
September 2013
Food Arts Magazine

Chris Hopkins, mixologist at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV and David Welch, bar manager at Lincoln Restaurant/Sunshine Tavern in Portland, OR make DRY Soda one of their go-to cocktail ingredients as mixologists get particular about their mixers.


Not Your Average Soda
May 9, 2013
Where Seattle

DRY Soda is highlighted as a unique, all natural soda that will "make your tastebuds sing with glee." (Page 35)


DRY SODA: Interview with Sharelle Klaus
March 1, 2013
Ledger Magazine

Craft & Culture's Ledger Magazine interviews DRY CEO Sharelle Klaus about her aspirations, commitment to the local community and favorite food/DRY pairings.


The 20 Healthiest Drinks
February 8, 2013

DRY is selected as one of Prevention's 20 healthiest drinks as Keri Glassman, RD, notes that "opting for a natural soda sweetened with cane sugar is much better than drinking one loaded with sugar and artificial junk."