Do you know why locally produced foods taste so good?
Farmers and food producers can deliver their products to consumers and stores within a few days of harvesting or production, which means we have access to truly fresh foods that are often at a perfect state of ripeness. Local producers can provide high quality products because they deliver their goods within short distances from their farms and production facilities. When we buy locally produced foods we get better quality food that is just a few days from the earth, off of the vine or out of the hen house.

Here are DRY Soda’s other favorite reasons to support local producers:
  • Buying from local producers supports local families, which in turn supports local economies.
  • Food that is locally produced and sold within the community requires less fuel for transportation and therefore conserves fossil resources.
  • Local farms preserve genetic diversity by growing and raising a variety of species of products.
  • Supporting local farms helps to preserve open spaces in our communities.

This information is provided by Cascade Harvest Coalition’s brochure - Ten Reasons to Buy Food from Regional Family Farms. Visit Cascade Harvest Coalition’s website to find more reasons to support local food producers.